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  Z E I M I A I,  L I T H U A N I A  

Old man in front of
Gordon family
general store


[Taken in Plunge ca 1894]
The mother, seated with child in her lap, is Guttel Leah Vender, born in Zeimiai 1849. Guttel married Rabbi Abraham Flescher in 1868 and moved to Jonava. Most of the Vender (later Wender) family stayed in Zeimiai.






















Given that Zeimiai was such a small village, pre-war photos may be very difficult to come by. Therefore, I have included a few photos of nearby towns (most notably, Jonava and Seta), to give an indication of the way this area looked. After all, Zeimers certainly had to visit those much larger towns for many items and goods.

7 miles N of Zeimiai

























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